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Robert “Shoofly” Shufelt

We are honored to be a representative for world famous western artist Robert “SHoofly” Shufelt. You can find drawings and prints available in our online shopping section.

ROBERT “SHOOFLY” SHUFELT is the accomplished exponent of the pencil whose art work has gained worldwide recognition. His drawings hang in prestigious collections and museums, and are featured on covers and articles for major western art and ranching publications, as well as national network television documentaries. The artist has written and published three books and his lithographs continue to win international graphic art awards. His drawings were honored in 2005 by the Prix de West’s, American Cowboy Award at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.

A drawing is not only the bare bones of an artist’s craft, it’s physical evidence of his insight and perception. Shoofly’s drawings are celebrations of a dreamer who has allowed his dream to become a reality with all its grit and honesty, yet still finds the experience to be endlessly interesting and satisfying. An artist’s vision of cowboys as they can only be around another cowboy, unposed and unselfconscious. He portrays cowboys who practice their vision of superiority in whatever they do, leaving it up to the rest of us to determine whether they’re working or playing. These disciples of the “cowboy way” are Shoofly’s “top hands”, and his drawings are forever honored through their friendship.

The artist and his wife, Julie reside on a small ranch nestled in the foothills of The Black Range, in Lake Valley, NM.

Honoring President Ronald Reagan

In 2011 Ronald Reagan would have celebrated his 100th birthday. When artist, Andy Thomas released this wonderful painting, I was inspired to tool this frame in Mr. Reagan’s honor. I wanted to pay tribute to the values and beliefs that made him my hero…. God, family, small government and an unyielding pride in America.

Current Price: $3,900.00


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