Classic Leather Designs :: Penrose, Colorado
Classic Leather Designs :: Penrose, Colorado
Classic Leather Designs :: Penrose, Colorado
Classic Leather Designs :: Penrose, Colorado
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453 Golden Circle • Penrose, CO 81240

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We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We will also accept your personal check, but need to receive it in advance of shipping. We are looking forward to working with you to create pieces "uniquely for you". Feel free to call anytime.

  Winter 2013 Announcement
Although we do not have an actual exhibit at the NFR, you can find some of our work at the following booths:  

Schaefer Ranchwear
On Main Street, about four booths down from the front door
Country Christmas Gift Show,  Sands Convention Center  

Retro Ranch....Booth #847

Cowboy Christmas Gift Show

Las Vegas Convention Center

Also, you may have trouble finding everthing on this new website.  That is because I should have many pieces available to buy in my SHOP section.  I just haven't had time to get all of that done, so for now please email me for pictures or follow CLASSIC LEATHER DESIGNS on Facebook.  I get things posted there much more efficiently.   I will get the SHOP section done but I don't expect to have time until after Christmas 2013.
It is with tears and gratefulness to my many friends and customers that I am announcing today that I have made a decision that Classic Leather Designs is NOT RETIRING but ENDING OUR 17 YEAR RUN AT THE NATIONAL RODEO FINALS. The message to follow is important so I hope you will take the time to read and share with others who may be counting on visiting us there.

As many of my dear friends know, the combination great success and aging has provided for a bit of a constant marathon here at the shop. 2013 was a largest and (I think) the finest group of awards for Junior National Cattle and Horse Shows that we ever produced. The stress in the last couple of months was also the largest. Well, it is also the time of year that I needed to pay the 2nd half of my booth fees for the NFR and for some reason for the last week, although I knew I needed to get that done, something kept me from writing the check each day. On Monday evening I prayed to God for at least an hour for an answer to the situation I was facing. On Tuesday morning he answered me loud and clear with what the next four months of extending the marathon of producing enough product for NFR would be like. I said outloud “Okay God, I hear you…………..don’t know if that was the answer I was looking for but I asked and now I must obey”.

The message is one I have heard over and over from our pastor but have never had to apply in such a dramatic way to my life. God ALWAYS answers our prayers……….the hard part is obeying the answer. Well, the next two days was spent creating my showpiece called “Honoring President Reagan” for a customer in Reno. I don’t know if I have shed that many tears in a long time as every cut with my swivel knife provided a vision of that piece in the front of our booth in Vegas with the American Flag lighted and draped over the front of it. My point is this my friends and customers……………pray to God for guidance and obey his answer. He wants nothing but the best for all of us and I am 100% certain that the BEST IS YET TO COME for Classic Leather Designs and Gary and Sandy. I haven’t had so much peace and calm in my heart in a long time.

So…………what next? Many of you who have visited in Vegas know my good friend (more like a sister), Delana Bleeker. Delana will still be doing shows more sprinkled out throughout the year rather than all at once in Vegas. We are making plans now. I will be getting the necessary insurances to pursue getting a little help in the shop to produce even more and finer products. I haven’t had time in the last few years to even think about that as I just moved from one marathon to another.

Gary and I are fine………….and will be better than ever. There is joy in my heart that I honor a God who will always provide if I just obey. If you have taken the time to read this long letter to the end, I would appreciate that if you know folks who might be looking for us in Vegas, you might share with them. God bless you all.
Want more information? Thank you for your interest in Classic Leather Designs. If you would like more information on a custom design or have any questions please contact us at 719-372-0111 or

Sandy & Gary Meyer

453 Golden Circle • Penrose, CO 81240
Phone: 719-372-0111 • Fax: 719-372-0112 • Email:
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